The Diamond Tension Ring


The Diamond Tension Ring was originally introduced in Germany in 1979 as a new way of setting a precious stone. The single brilliant and seemingly floating diamond sits firmly between precisely cut tiny grooves and is exposed to a tremendous amount of pressure per square millimeter. The lateral pressure holds the gemstone within a spring hardened ring shank. This is why only the hardest gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies can be tension set. Light enters the diamond from all angles and maximizes its brilliance.
Each ring is a feat of engineering and exquisite design.

The SILVERBRIDGE tension rings are startling in their elegance and simplicity. The diamonds have brilliance and superb clarity and colour, and they are  certified. The tension (pressure set) rings are handcrafted in the Silverbridge  Studio to the highest standards of expertise and technical quality. They are undoubtedly suitable in everyday situations and perform very well when cared for properly.

Each tension ring is a custom ring, made with utmost attention to detail like all pieces in our collection, based on a tradition of fine craftsmanship and contemporary jewellery design.
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