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Gabriela and Costin Lazar - As a team with a background in architecture and art, we have re-launched SILVERBRIDGE in 1989 and immersed ourselves with gusto into the most exciting endeavour of designing, making and retailing a dream product: art jewellery. We have always relied on our ability to offer an admirably fine jewellery collection, a modern design that sets us apart, all supported by a friendly and comprehensive customer service.

Costin, trained in Europe as a sculptor and goldsmith, established himself as an independent designer in 1979. A few years later, Gabriela, who trained as an architect in Germany became the manager of Silverbridge. The collaboration between the sculptor and the architect leads to the sophisticated, innovative and timeless jewellery collection we present online and in our studio, by appointment.

The collection consists of ready made pieces in sterling silver and eighteen karat gold, and also custom design fine jewellery in all precious metals.

All pieces are solid, hand made and beautifully finished, with high tactile characteristics. The inspiration is nature itself, a recurring motif being the ever present search for balance between opposing elements, such as a sharp line in harmony with a full, sensual shape. The results are original jewellery pieces, instantly recognizable, displaying a deceptive simplicity. Their design reflects our time and place, at the same time converting into timelessness.

After having closed our shop on Cumberland Street in Toronto after 25 years, we've been operating for a few more years out of our home studio on Chicora Avenue, by appointment. Then the pandemic struck, at the same time as our kids decided to come back from oversees to live and raise their children  in Ottawa. So, here we are since 2020, in the beautiful capital city,  enjoying the proximity of family and smiling at the challenge any such move brings with it. Looking forward to seeing our customers from Toronto who will find the time and pleasure of a road trip to Ottawa, as well as our new local patrons.


Earrings - most earrings are available for pierced ears and clip-ons.

Bracelets - can be customized to various sizes from small to large.

Necklaces - many of our necklaces are available in various lengths.

Gemstones - we use natural gemstones for rings and necklaces.

Diamonds - Canadian and ethically sourced diamonds we set in our tension rings are of superior clarity, colour and cut.

Clasps/closures - are the most interesting, integrated clasps for necklaces and bracelets.

Finishes - highly polished or satin matte finish, smooth or hammered. 


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