The diamond tension ring September 13 2013

The diamond tension ring


The elegant and brilliantly simple ring is made of eighteen karat mostly white gold, also yellow gold or platinum. White gold’s popularity has been increasing since the 1990s and we have given pride of place to this precious metal in our tension rings, among others. The tension ring has precisely cut tiny grooves in which the gemstone, either a diamond, sapphire or ruby safely sits, held in place by a tremendous pressure exercised by the ring itself. The result is a seemingly floating stone - pure magic!

Each ring is custom made according to the carat weight and dimensions of the gemstone, raised and forged to become a spring hardened ring shank that holds the gemstone under lateral pressure. Unlike more ornate settings, which may detract from the featured gem, the tension ring puts your diamond centre stage, where it belongs.

The ring can be highly polished for a very reflective appearance or satin brushed to achieve a matte contrast to the stone’s reflections.

How to choose a diamond tension ring?

If you appreciate clean, simple lines, expressions of modern design, then this ring is for you. It is brilliantly simple! The naked elegance of the tension setting enables the full brilliance of your stone to shine through, unencumbered by the metal collar or prongs that traditionally frame gemstone rings.

Your budget will determine the size and quality of the diamond; there are multiple choices and we will suggest the right combination of the carat weight, clarity,
colour and cut, based on our professional expertise.
We will be pleased to help you make that decision.

How to care for your new diamond tension ring?

Wear it with pride, everyday, it will be greatly enjoyed and admired!
The rule is that all diamond rings should be checked and professionally cleaned every 1 to 2 years regardless of how they are set. At home, a tension ring can be easily cleaned with water and liquid soap using a soft mini brush, for removing particles attached mostly to the underside of the gemstone from everyday’s wear.

Diamond rings are precious, they can be enjoyed daily, though heavy duty activities should be avoided. 


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