Our story

Gabriela and Costin Lazar - As a team with a background in architecture and art, we took over SILVERBRIDGE in February 1989, then immersed ourselves with gusto into the most exciting endeavour of designing, making and retailing a dream product: art jewellery.
We have always relied on our ability to offer our customers a collection of modern jewellery, pieces that set us apart, pieces that have a common language, that are wearable and timeless.
Costin, a sculptor and goldsmith, established himself as an independent designer in 1979 in Toronto. A few years later, Gabriela, who trained as an architect in Germany became the face of SILVERBRIDGE - sales and marketing manager. The collaboration between the sculptor and the architect leading to the innovative jewellery collection, established SILVERBRIDGE as a destination for quality and style.
The collection consists of ready made pieces in sterling silver and eighteen karat gold, with the addition of precious gemstones and diamonds, along with custom designs and one-of-a-kind fine jewellery. 
All jewellery is hand made, with a substantial construction, displaying sensuous sculptural shapes with an architectural sensibility.  It is instantly recognizable, displaying a high degree of intuitive simplicity; the quality of execution, true to form and concept, generates the visual and tactile attraction. As a vehicle of artistic expression, jewellery thus becomes a cultural exhibit one treasures for its intrinsic value as well. 
Our shop on Cumberland Street in Yorkville had a run of full twenty-five years of successful operation, followed by six more years working out of our home studio in Toronto. In 2020 we took the big decision of relocating to Ottawa. So, here we are, in the beautiful Capital city, enjoying the proximity of family and smiling at the challenge any such move brings with it. Looking forward to seeing our customers from Toronto who will find the time and pleasure of a road trip to Ottawa, as well as our new local patrons.
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